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The Roberson Story & Heritage

This story begins early in the 1920's when Kenneth H. Roberson Sr was born.  The farm that he and his father began on only a few acres with a couple of chicken houses has blossomed into a highly diverse, technologically advanced operation that spreads across four counties and covers nearly 3000 acres.   The operation is now run by Kenneth H. Roberson Jr. and his two sons Kip and Josh Roberson. Welcome to K&J Farms, LLC!


What we Believe 

  We believe that buying directly from your local farmers creates a healthier and happier family while also creating a more sustainable local economy.  When you buy from us, you know where your food comes from and can actually see a lot of it growing right in front of you when you drive up to our store.  You get to know the people serving you at our store and you often actually see the harvest taking place.  We take pride in providing you with the best product possible because our family success depends on it.

   We also believe that families are getting further from the roots that once tied them to the land.  Kids grow up thinking that food comes from a grocery store.  Bring your family back closer to "its roots" and to the roots that supply them the food they eat! Come see us at Carolina Country Fresh Market! 




Why buy local 

  • Know where your food come from

  • Support your local economy

  • Get to know your local farmers

  • Enjoy a family trip to our farm market

  • Food is fresher when you buy it locally

  • Enjoy the seasonality of the produce 


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